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Resolute Videography originated as, and is largely still a bootstrap business, fueled by Reagan Vanzura.


(Hi, I'm Reagan, I'll continue in first person from here)

Before realizing that I had a creative bone in my body, I had a career in real estate, and built custom benches in my garage to sell online while making videos for fun on the side. 

After a year of writing my name (Reagan, the Video Lady) and number down on napkins and scrap pieces of paper while offering/begging basically anyone to let me make them a free video, my passion slowly started to evolve into the business that Resolute Videography is today.

Now, I know that regardless of the medium, EVERYONE is creative. At Resolute Videography, we listen to our clients, and combine their creative vision with our skills of creating detailed video content that sends a message. 

I have extreme respect and love for all of my fellow entrepreneurs, and genuinely desire to watch them succeed. We're aware that video production is an investment, and something to be taken seriously. We understand how discouraging it is to throw your hard earned marketing dollars at content that proves to be unsuccessful. To avoid this, our production process begins with a deep dive discovery consultation with each client. This sets us up to create purposeful videos that engage your audience and drives activity to your business or cause. 

Something special about Resolute Videography, is that we don't let relationships with our clients end the moment their project is delivered. We care about the success and growth of the people that allow us to aid them in their journey, and we love tagging along in the process.  

We're passionate about people and purposeful in production. 



Reagan Vanzura

I was a one-man (woman) band for a long time, and still arrive at many projects accompanied only by my camera gear. However, when certain projects, such as an event or wedding require a team, I have a go-to group of talented professionals to call on. 

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