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One of the best ways to encourage attendance at your next event, convention or conference is by having a video that documents and promotes it. 
Showing the awesome time that participants had, or the valuable things that were taught, an event video can be a terrific marketing tool that can be utilized in many ways. 

Benefits of Event Coverage: 

  • You can promote the event in the following years. Use the video on your website, email campaigns and social media to show your audience the value they'll gain by attending.

  • Give your special guests an extra incentive to participate by leveraging a video of their speech or presentation that they can use on their own website or social platforms.

  • When attendees of an event are aware that there will be a recap video posted on your website or social media pages, they are more likely to share the video with their own followers. This will increase the engagement and action taken on your website and pages, as well as attendance in the following years. 

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